A free Basic subscription has the following restrictions:

  • A daily quota of 50 entries and 5 photos per account.

  • Free access to the web application, but an in-app purchase is needed for full access to the mobile application.

  • No access to Premium+ or Professional+ features.

A Premium+ subscription plan is designed for small family daycares with only one teacher and one room. It is easy to set up and manage. 

A Professional+ plan is designed for childcare centers with several teachers and classrooms

A Premium+ plan has the same feature and is the same price as a Professional+ subscription plan, except for the multiple classroom and teacher support.

There is no quota with a Premium+ or Professional+ subscription, and the mobile application is free for the childcare staff and the children's families (no in-app purchase is needed).

Here are some features only available on Premium+ and Professional+ plans:

How to switch from a free plan to a Premium+ or Professional+ plan:

You can do it in Settings > Billing/Subscription plan 

How to switch from a Premium+ to Professional+ plan:

Contact us at support@dailyconnect.com.