The Advanced Customization tool allows you to tailor the appearance of invoices, receipts, and website payments so you can ensure a consistent brand experience for your customers from start to finish.


Advanced Customization provides users with the ability to: 

  • Customize Colors
    •  Use the color picker to add your business’ custom colors to your:
      • receipts
      • invoices
      • website payments page
  • Hide Daily Connect logos
    • Prefer to hide Daily Connect’s signature logos? Not a problem - simply use the checkbox to hide Daily Connect's logo from invoices, receipts, and website payment pages


Receipts Without Advanced Customization:


Receipts With Advanced Customization:


Website Payments Page Without Advanced Customization:



Website Payments Page With Advanced Customization




Invoices Without Advanced Customization:



Invoices With Advanced Customization:



Advanced Customization is quick and simple to set up, and does not require any programming to get started!

  1. Enable color pop (Optional)
    1. Click the checkbox titled "Color Pop Enabled"
    2. Enter the desired hexcode for your business
  2. Hide Daily Connect logos (Optional)
    1. Click the checkbox titled "Hide Daily Connect logos"
  3. Set up custom fields (Optional) 

Custom Colors