With Parent Billing you can simply check a box to preauthorize a transaction, and go back later to capture and settle the funds. Preauthorizing a transaction is useful when you need to validate that funds are available on a card, before processing the actual transaction. 

By choosing to preauthorize a transaction, the payment will be processed as an authorization, and no funds will be captured until you go back and capture either the full or partial amount that was authorized. 


Warning: Please be aware that when you are using the preauthorization function, the authorization will show on the cardholders bank statement until the transaction is captured or released. You have 10 days to capture the full or partial amount of the transaction. The authorization may still show on the cardholders bank statement past the 10 day window as the amount of time the authorization shows is dependent on their bank. 

Parent Billing is unable to release an authorization from a cardholders bank statement. If a cardholder has an authorization showing on their bank statement past the 10 day window, they will need to contact their bank to have it removed. 

Uncaptured authorizations are also available in your Parent Billing dashboard - notifying you at a glance when you still need to capture and complete a transaction.

Get started with pre-authorized transactions:

  1. From the Dashboard select Create Invoice
  2. When you arrive on the Payment Method screen, select the checkbox for Hold funds and finalize later


3. When you select the preauthorization checkbox, you can enter a new payment method, or            use an existing payment method

4. On the Review screen, you will then need to click the button to complete the hold

Review Preath

5. To complete the transaction, and capture the full amount, select Payments from the sidebar, and locate the pre-authorized transaction

6. Select Capture to complete the transaction - the screen will give you the option to capture a partial amount