Use the following process to send an invoice


1. On the Dashboard select Create Invoice in the upper right hand corner


2. Choose your Catalog item or simply enter the price amount - the price is the only required field on this step


3. If you would like to offer the ability for your parent to pay by credit card or bank, add a tip, or to partially pay while paying their invoice, select any of the options to enable 


 5. Select Continue

 6. Select an existing parent or add a new parent 


7. Select Create as Invoice


8. Review Invoice and select Send - you have the option to email or send the invoice via SMS text message

*If you choose not to send right away, your invoice will be saved as a draft and will be listed under the INVOICES tab. You can return to the INVOICES page at any time to view all invoices. 


Once the invoice is sent, your parent will receive a link to enter their payment information and pay right away.

You can then navigate to the INVOICES tab to review the status. Whether it be a Draft, Sent, Viewed, and Paid. The icons in the top left corner will determine the status of the invoice. 


You also have the ability to customize your invoices with the Advanced Customization app! For more information on advanced customization, follow this link


If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, you can email our Support Team at