Invoices created in the Parent Billing Platform include a status that updates every time an action is taken against the invoice. 


The status messages that are included with invoices are attempted, sent, paid, unsent, seen, deleted, and partial. A further explanation for each status is below. 



Attempted : The sale failed to process successfully due to a decline or other type of error. The invoice has not been paid.


Sent : The invoice has been sent to the customer via email or SMS text message and is now awaiting for the customer to pay the invoice. 


Paid: The invoice has been successfully paid in full.


Unsent: The invoice has been created but has not been paid or sent to the customer. Action on your side is needed for this invoice, to either send the invoice via email or SMS text message to the customer so they can pay on their side or to manually pay the invoice yourself


Seen: Your customer has opened the email that contains your sent invoice but they have not taken action. 


Deleted: The invoice has been deleted. Note: the payment will still be listed in the payments tab because payments cannot be deleted, but the invoice that contained the payment has been deleted. 


Partial: The invoice has been partially paid. If you open the invoice you will see the history of all the payments that have been paid towards this invoice. 




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