You have two options when setting up classroom accounts:

  • Use the same email address for all classrooms

        This is the easiest to set up because the same email / password is used for every             classroom. When logging in, Daily Connect will ask which classroom you are trying            to access. 

  • Use a different email address for each classroom. 

        Each classroom can have its own email/password if it's preferred to keep them                  separated for privacy.


Follow the instructions below to create a classroom.

  1. On the Daily Connect web app, go to Settings > Childcare Settings > Rooms.

  1. Select Add Room.

  1. Enter an email for the room then select Save. account details, .i.e. Room email, Room Name, and Password. 

  • Select Room Settings to set the Children/teachers ratio.

This ratio determines how many children and teachers should be in a classroom. Administrators are notified when the ratio is exceeded. This is also reflected on the Attendance page. 

  1. Then, select Save

  1. If you wish to use the same email address to log into all classroom accounts, go to Settings Childcare Settings > Rooms and select Change.

  1. Select Use the same email address for all classrooms,  enter the email of the room account, password and save the changes.

  • For more information on setting up rooms, you can select the screen icon to watch this short video tutorial.

    Be sure to get a device for each classroom and install the Daily Connect app on each device. This will enable teachers to log into and make entries using the classroom accounts. 

For more information on using Daily Connect as an administrator, please view the following video.

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