The calendar informs you about upcoming events, food menus, or lessons. Teachers add lessons to the calendar which indicate and describe the different classes they will teach your child on specific dates.

They also specify the different meal types (solid food) and the time they are served to children. 
Lastly, events in the calendar detail various activities your child will participate in.

Follow the instructions below to view the calendar on the web app.

  1. When a teacher adds an event or activity to the calendar, a New Event notification will be displayed on your homepage.

All menus, events, and lessons for the day are displayed in the Upcoming tab.

  1. To view all calendar events, go to Settings Calendar.

  1. Select Month or Week to display the calendar events for a specific month/week, then use the arrows to choose a particular month/week.

        Select List to view a list of all events for a selected week.


  1. If you have more than one child, select the Kids menu to choose whether to display the calendar of all kids or a specific child.

  1. To only display events, menus, or lesson plans on the calendar, check the appropriate boxes.