As a parent, you can keep track of every part of your child’s day. You can view various events that take place in your child’s day when teachers save them in the form of an entry. 

An entry is information logged on a specific child's timeline indicating what they did or what happened during their day. This entry will then be added to your child’s timeline, allowing you to get a glimpse into what your child has done for the day and be alerted of any critical issues. 

Follow the instructions below to view entries for your child using the Daily Connect web app. 

  1. Your child’s entries are listed on your homepage. To view the list of all entries made on a specific day select the calendar icon then select the date. 

  1. If you have more than one child enrolled, and wish to  view a specific child’s timeline, select the child then then select the calendar icon.

  1. To make changes to an entry, select the edit (pencil) icon , make the changes, then choose Save. Select the delete (trash/bin) icon to delete the entry. 

NOTE: The editing of an existing entry can only be done on the Daily Connect web app.