The sign-in kiosk is any device that is placed at the care facility’s entrance for you to sign your child in when you drop him/her off. In the same way, you will sign your child out when you pick him/her up. The sign-in/out can also be done at the entrance to your child’s classroom. 

This feature allows your child’s care facility to track when he/she is brought to and picked up from the facility. This information is recorded in attendance reports and a sign in/out entry is saved on your child’s timeline. 

Follow the instructions below to sign your child in/out using the iPad app

  1. Select Sign In/Out.

  1. If you have more than one child enrolled at the facility, select the child, then select Done.

  1. If you are prompted to fill in a Sign-Survey, complete the required fields and select Save.

  1. Provide your signature.

  1. If presented with a QR-Code, present this code to the camera of the sign-in device for it to be scanned.

Or sign-in by entering your 4-digit unique pin-code on the device. This should be emailed to you by the administrator of the care facility.