To indicate a child's schedule, click on the child's name in the Children page, then click on 'Schedule' on the left side of the page.

For children that are not yet enrolled, you can indicate the start date of the child in your facility and the classroom in which he will start. On the specified date, the child will be automatically added to the room and the profile will be available to teachers.

If an End Date is set, the child will be removed from all classrooms at this date and the profile will be marked as 'Graduated' or 'Removed' depending on the chosen status when the end date was set.

You can also indicate the child's schedule for each day of the week. Available schedule options: Extended, full-time, part-time, hourly, and none.

You can use this information for your record, but it is also used on the Attendance Forecast report to help you forecast availabilities, waitlist and enrollment, and staff schedule.

You can also record Absences and classroom changes for the child, they will also be used for the Attendance Forecast report