Often, more than one person will be responsible for paying for their child's childcare.

To add new payers to a child's account, log in to the Daily Connect web application and navigate to the Children page. Click on the child's name that you'd like to add additional payers for, then click on the 'Tuition & Payers' link at the bottom left of the page. Then tap on the Payers tab below the child name. 

Here you can specify the various payers for this child by adding email addresses for each person who will pay. You can assign either a percentage of the total charge, or a specific dollar amount, that each person will be responsible for paying. Please note that any percentage amounts must add up to 100%. Click Add Payer to save your new settings.

When you add multiple payers to a child, invoices will be sent accordingly to each person according to your settings. You do not need to send separate invoices. 

Here is an example:

A childcare center sends an invoice for $500, which is to be split 40% - 60% between two parents. One parent will be emailed an invoice for $200, and the other will be emailed an invoice for $300.