Sometimes, a childcare center offers discounts to families with multiple children enrolled in programs, or to the family members of employees. 

To set a discount on a billing program, open the Daily Connect web application. Navigate to the Children page, click on the child's name that you'd like to add a discount for, then click on the 'Tuition & Payers' link at the bottom left of the page.

This page will list all the billing programs that the child is enrolled into. If no billing program is listed, click on the 'Assign New Billing Program' button to assign a billing program to the child.

To set a discount for a billing program, click on the % button on the right of the billing program's name.

You can then indicate the discount for this child for this billing program, choosing either a percentage discount or a dollar amount that is to be discounted from every payment. 

Follow these steps to add employee discounts or any other type of discount that will only apply to some children.