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Setting up the Sign-in kiosk (pin code / touchless sign-in)

Modified on Tue, 21 Jul 2020 at 06:50 PM

The sign-in kiosk is a device usually placed at the building entrance, with the sole purpose of doing sign-in and sign-out. It can be any iOS or Android device (phone or tablet) with a front-facing camera, and with the Daily Connect application installed. The sign-in page can also be opened on any staff or classroom device.

To open the sign-in page, log into the application with any childcare account, then choose the 'Sign-in Kiosk' menu option (mobile application), or click on the button at the top-right of the web application (below logout).

To secure your device and prevent parents from going back to the application's home page (and potentially accessing private information from other children), tap on the 'Screen unlocked, tap to lock' button).

2 different options are available for the sign-in kiosk: Pin-code sign-in and touchless sign-in.

Pin Code sign-in

Each parent is assigned a unique personal 4 digit pin code. They can enter this pin code on the sign-in device to sign-in / out their child.

You can also collect the parent's signature with this system. If you don't need the signature, you can disable this step in the Settings > Preferences page. The signature can only be collected with the mobile application (iOS or Android), not via the web application.

Pin code sign-in can be activated in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Sign-in Kiosk page. By Checking the option 'Pin Code sign-in for parents', a pin code number will be automatically generated for each parent. Then, clicking on the 'Send email now' button will send an email to each parent with their personal pin code.

Pin Codes can be looked up and modified in the Settings > Parents page on the web application. Invitation emails and pin code emails can also be re-sent to parents from this page.

Touchless sign-in

Touchless sign-in can be activated in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Sign-in Kiosk page. Once activated, parents can tap on the Sign-in/out button on their phone, the app will show a QR Code on the parent's device. The code then just needs to be scanned by the childcare sign-in kiosk for the sign-in/out to be done. 

Touchless sign-in is only available on iOS and Android devices. It is not available on desktop computers

Staff/teachers sign-in

Staff can also sign-in/out with a pin code or with the touchless sign-in option. The option 'Pin Code sign-in for teachers' must be activated in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Sign-in Kiosk page. 

The list of pin codes for each teacher is accessible in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Teachers page. 

If they're logged into the application with their personal teacher account, teachers can also use touchless sign-in by tapping on the Sign-in/out button on the app home page, then on the 'Display QR Code for the sign-in kiosk' button (not available when logged with a classroom account).

The sign-in kiosk on the mobile application is available to Premium+ and Professional+ subscription. Pin code sign-in via the web application (without signature and without touchless sign-in) is available to all subscription plans.

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