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Attendance reports

Modified on Tue, 21 Jul 2020 at 06:55 PM

Daily Connect provides 3 types of attendance reports:

  • A real-time daily attendance graph with attendance in each classroom during the day (15-minute increments) and children/teacher ratio.

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly attendance reports for children (per classroom) and staff.

  • Individual detailed attendance report for a child.

Sign-in/out entries saved each day by teachers and parents are used for the attendance reports. Those are entries manually saved via the application, or entered with a pin code or touchless sign-in via the sign-in kiosk

Real-time daily attendance graph

The graph is available by choosing the 'Attendance' menu option on the home page of the web application. It is only available to administrator accounts (Professional and Professional+ subscriptions).

The top part of the graph shows the number of children and teachers in each classroom. The color of each room is green if the children/teachers ratio is below the limit, red otherwise. You can edit the ratio limit for each room in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Rooms page.

The bottom part of the graph shows a stacked bar chart with the total number of children in your center during the day. Each bar represents attendance for a 15 minutes period. The total attendance in the center is shown on top of each bar. 

It is possible to view the chart for previous days by clicking on the 'Today' button at the top of the chart.

More information about a classroom can be displayed by clicking on the classroom red/green box in the upper part of the graph. The list of teachers and children currently in the classroom, with their sign-in time, is then shown on the right of the chart.

The data can be exported in a .csv file for archive or for further analysis with a spreadsheet application, by clicking on the download button at the bottom right of the page.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly attendance reports

Those reports can be accessed in the Settings > Childcare Settings > Attendance Reports page.

The controls at the top of the page are used to control the content of the report:

  • Which classroom to display, and which children (active/inactive). It is also possible here to choose '--Teachers--' to show the report for the staff instead of children.

  • Which period to display: daily, weekly, monthly (or custom).

  • Which day of the week to display. For instance Saturday - Sunday can be omitted if the center is closed during weekends, allowing more space for other days.

On the daily report, the app will show the sign-in and sign-out times, the name of the person (when available), the signature, notes (and survey result), and total number of attendance hours for the day. The name of the person is only available when the sign-in is done via the sign-in kiosk, not when done via teachers. If a child has been signed-in and out several times during the day, each in/out period will be shown.

Daily Attendance Report

On the weekly and monthly reports, only the in/out times and duration per day are shown, as well as the total number of attendance days during the selected period.

 Weekly attendance report

Clicking on the duration in a cell will open the list of entries for the selected child and day. This can be helpful if some information needs to be modified.

Clicking on the child's name on the first column will open the individual detailed attendance report for a child.

It is also possible to download the report as a .pdf or .csv file, or to download one pdf file with the individual report of all children.

The attendance report can also automatically be sent via emails to administrators each day or each week by clicking on the 'Schedule automatic daily/weekly emails' link at the top-right of the page.

Individual detailed attendance report for a child

This report can be very helpful for billing. In/out times, duration, signatures, and names are shown for each day for the selected period. It also shows the total summary for the period with the total number of days and total duration.

The report can be exported as a pdf (that can be used for printing) or csv file (for instance to re-import in a separate billing application).

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