The sign-in kiosk is any iOS or Android phone or tablet, with a front-facing camera and the Daily Connect application installed that is placed at the care facility’s entrance for parents to sign in and sign out. The sign-in page can also be opened on a sign-in device placed at your classroom’s entrance. 

This feature lets you track when a child is brought to and picked up from your classroom. This information is recorded in attendance reports. 

Follow the instruction below to set up your classroom’s Sign-in kiosk

A sign-in kiosk device is required for this. A tablet or smartphone positioned at the entrance to your classroom is recommended. 

  1. Log into your childcare center’s account using your sign-in kiosk’s device. 

  1. Go to Menu Sign-in Kiosk on the mobile app.


  1. The sign-in screen will be displayed, allowing parents or teachers to enter their 4-digit pin code or present a QR-code.

To secure your device and prevent parents from accessing private information on the homepage, check the Screen unlocked, tap to lock box.

Watch this video tutorial for more information on the Sign-In Kiosk feature.

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