Calendar items are used to inform parents about upcoming events, menu, or lessons. Those items are visible to parents via the calendar widget on their application, but they are separate from the children's list of entries and are not saved on the children's timeline.

An item on the calendar is designed to inform parents about what is planned for the classroom. A saved entry on a child's timeline indicates what actually happened during the event, it might contain additional information (text description, photo, food quantity, ...) and might be different for each child.

It is possible to save entries for the children directly from the calendar event. This is done by tapping on the calendar entry on the calendar/upcoming widget.

Then tapping on the 'Save food/lesson/activity entry for children' button will open the corresponding entry saving page. Information about the event can be added before the entry is saved on each child's timeline.

  • For menu calendar items, it'll open the Solid Food page. It is then possible to specify changes or details about the menu, quantity served for each child, the actual time the food was served, and select the children who ate (maybe some children were absent). 

  • For Calendar Events, it'll open the Activity page. It is then possible to add information about what happened during the activity. For instance, description and photos can be added.

  • For Lessons, additional information about the lesson and documents can be added to the Lesson entry before being saved on each child's timeline.