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How to add lessons, menus, or events to the calendar using the mobile app

Modified on Tue, 15 Mar 2022 at 08:10 AM

Calendar items inform parents about upcoming events, food menus, or lessons. 

Creating a lesson allows you to indicate and describe the different classes taught to children on specific dates. 

Creating a menu allows you to specify the different meal types (solid food) and what time they are served to children. Creating an activity enables the addition of various activities to the calendar.

Follow the steps below to add a calendar event using the mobile app:

  1. Navigate to Menu Calendar, then select the plus icon. 


  1. Select the plus icon, then select Create lesson.

  1. Enter the dates on which the lesson will be taught in the From and To fields. 

  1. Enter the lesson title, then select the classrooms that will be having the lesson. 

  1. Add notes and select Add Document to upload supporting documentation.


  1. Select whether you want parents to be notified of this event and customize the notification message.

  1. Select Save

You can also choose to add a lesson from an existing course and lesson plan. A lesson plan consists of courses, each having lessons that can be placed on the calendar. For this, you first need to create a lesson plan using the Daily Connect web application.

For more information on doing this, please view the following article.

Follow the steps below to create a menu:

  1. Navigate to Menu Calendar >  plus icon Create menu.


  1. Select Multiple menu entries to make several menu entries for the whole week. 


Select Individual menu entry to create one individual menu entry for a specific date and time.


Or, select Copy from last week to apply the same menu used the previous week.

  1. Multiple Menu Entries: Select the menus, then choose the days and times served. Select Next.

Then, create the menu by entering a description of the food served for each menu type and every day. Select Save.

If you selected Individual menu entry, enter the following information:

  • Date on which menu will be served

  • Menu title

  • Types of solid food that will be served

  • Classrooms (that menu applies to)

  • Notes

  • Notification message (how the event will appear on the calendar)

Then, attach accompanying documentation, indicate whether parents should be notified of the new event, and select Save.

If you selected Copy from last week, edit information in the different fields as necessary, then choose Save. 

Follow the steps below to create an event using the mobile app:

  1. Navigate to Menu Calendar plus icon Create event.


  1. Enter the duration of the event in the From and To fields and indicate whether it will be an all-day event. 

  1. Enter the event’s title and event color. This is the color in which the event will be highlighted on the calendar.

  1.  Assign the classrooms or locations to which the event applies. 

  1. Select Add Document to upload supporting documentation.

  1. Choose whether parents should receive a notification for the event and, if necessary, edit the notification message. 

  1. Select Save


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