As a teacher, you can document every part of your day in the classroom. You can record various events during a child’s day in the form of an entry. An entry is information logged on a specific child's timeline indicating what they did or what happened during their day. 

This entry will then be added to a child’s timeline, allowing their parent to get a glimpse into what their child has done for the day and be alerted of any important issues. 

Follow the instructions below to make an entry using the Daily Connect mobile app. 

  1. Select the drop-down menu at the top of your screen, then select the child for whom to make an entry.

  1. Choose the entry to record. 

  1. Indicate the time and duration of the event.

  • Select the timer to record the duration of an ongoing event and set an alarm after a specific length of time has elapsed. 

  • The timer and alarm features are available for bottle, solid, sleep, mood, activity, incident report, milestone, nursing, pumping, potty, and cup entries.

  1. Complete the Notes field to add a message or description with additional information to the entry. 

  1. Indicate the entry category.  

  • Some entries e.g. Solid, display a plus icon that you can tap to create and add a new label for an entry category.

  1. Select Add photo to add an accompanying image to the entry. 

  • Photos can only be added to solid, diaper, activity, incident report, upload photo, diary, milestone, health, potty, medicine, and observation entries. 

  1. Check the Add to portfolio box to add the entry to the child’s portfolio. 

A portfolio is a collection of entries that are only visible to staff but can be shared with parents in a presentation or as a pdf document. 

  • Only observations, photos, diary, activity or milestone entries can be added to the portfolio.

  1. Check the Only visible to Staff box to make the entry (private)

  • This option is only available when making a message, incident report, behavior, health, temperature, and observation entry.

  1. Select Save. The entry will be displayed on the child’s timeline, indicating the time the entry was made, the teacher that made the entry, and in which classroom the child was. 

  1. To view a child’s entry history, select the entry menu at the bottom of the screen. These are arranged in descending chronological order.

For more information on teacher accounts and features available to you, go to the How-To Videos at the bottom of the Settings page or watch these video tutorials.

NOTE: The following can only be done on the Daily Connect web app:

  • Editing an existing entry

  • Making entries in bulk