A menu report shows the number of snacks, breakfast and lunch served to children in your classroom.  The report uses the Menu Type information saved whenever you make a Solid food entry for a child.

Follow the instructions below to view menu reports

  1. Go to Settings > Menu Report.

  1. Select the facility, period (daily or weekly) and date(s) or which you would like to view a report. 

  1. The menu report will be displayed in the form of a table with names of all children in your classroom and the meals served to them over the chosen period. 

  1. To print the report select Print

NOTE If a solid food entry is saved and no Menu Type is specified, it won't be included in the Menu Report. However, when a solid food entry is saved from a calendar entry, the menu type is automatically specified.

To customize the list of available menu types, go to Settings > Customize Labels.

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