Customize your app homepage, labels, and dashboard according to the needs of your classrooms. You can:

  • Add, remove, and reorder the entry categories on your app homepage 

  • Change the title of each entry label and how such an entry will appear on a child’s timeline

  • Customize the entry options that are available on your dashboard


Follow the steps below to customize labels:

  1. Navigate to Menu Settings Customize Labels

  1. Select the entry label you would like to change. 

  1. Edit the title.

  1. Tap the AZ button to arrange the categories in alphabetical order. Or, use the arrows to move the categories into the desired order. 

  1. To delete a category, select the trash icon next to it. 

  1. To add a new category, select Add New, enter a title and select Save.

Follow the steps below to customize your mobile app Home Page:

  1. Navigate to Menu Settings > Customize Home Page.

  1. Select a child whose homepage you would like to customize. 

Or, check the Use the same home page for each child box and select Customize Home Page to apply the same changes to all Home Pages.

  1. Tap the color box to choose a background color.

  1. Choose the number of rows in which the icons should be arranged.

  1. Check the entry icons you would like to appear on the Home Page. Uncheck those icons that you would like to remove from the homepage. 

Follow the steps below to customize your mobile app dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Menu Settings > Customize Dashboard.

  1. Select the appropriate classroom from the drop-down menu at the top.

  1. Check the Customize Dashboard box. 


  1. Select which icons should appear on the Dashboard.

You can only select three icons that will appear below the Sign In/Out icon.