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How to customize the iPad app

Modified on Mon, 11 Jul 2022 at 01:19 AM

Customize your app homepage, labels, and dashboard according to the needs of your classrooms. You can:

  • Change the title of each entry label and how such an entry will appear on a child’s timeline

  • Choose which entry icons are shown on your homepage by adding, removing, and reordering the entry categories

Follow the steps below to customize labels:

  1. Navigate to Menu Settings Customize Labels

  1. Select an entry category to customize. 

  1. Edit the title.

  1. Tap the AZ button to arrange the categories in alphabetical order.

  1. To edit an entry type, select Edit. 

To reorder the entry types, tap and hold the three-line menu then drag the entry type to the desired position. 

To delete a category, select the red button next to it then select Delete

  1. To add a new entry type, select the plus icon, enter a title and select Save.

Follow the steps below to customize your iPad app Home Page:

  1. Navigate to Menu Settings > Customize Home Page.


  1. Select a child whose homepage you would like to customize. 

Or, select Use the same home page for each child  then go to Customize Home Page .

  1. To change the background color, tap the arrow. 

  1. Use the right handler (3-line icon) to switch the rows.

  1. Select the toggles next to the entry icons to choose which icons you would like to appear or remove from the Home Page.

Follow the steps below to customize your app dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Menu Settings > Customize Dashboard.

  1. Select the appropriate classroom from the drop-down menu at the top.

  1. Tap the Customize Dashboard toggle. 


  1. Select which three icons should appear on the Dashboard below the Sign In/Out icon.

For more information on using Daily Connect as a teacher, please view the following video.


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