Once your child is registered at a care facility, you will receive an invitation email for you to register your account. Your account will be linked to your child’s for you to receive and share information about your child.

You will get direct communication about your child's activities, calendar items, lessons, photos, and entries about their day logged by teachers. 

NOTE: You can opt to not register a Daily Connect account. You will still be able to sign your child in or out but only using a pin code that you’ll receive via email. You will also receive daily email summaries of all your child’s entries for the day.

Follow the instructions below to log into your Daily Connect parent account using the web app

  1. You will receive an email stating that you’ve been added to Daily Connect as a parent. Select Register Now

Or, go to dailyconnect.com, select Sign in and choose Parent / Family.


Enter the invitation code that you received in the email. Select Continue.

  1. Enter your email (the same one to which invitation email was sent), name, password and agree to the Terms and Privacy policies. Select Create Account.


NOTE: If you used your invitation code to register, your email will automatically be filled in.

  1. You will now be logged in to your Daily Connect homepage.

  1. To log into the web app, go to dailyconnect.com and select Log in.