After the administrator creates your account, you are ready to log in and start using Daily Connect. 

There are two login options:
-If the administrator sets up a shared classroom account, you will log in using the credentials of the classroom you are assigned to.
-If your account was set up as a personal account, you will be able to log in using your personal email.

Follow the instructions below to log into your personal Daily Connect teacher account using the web app

  1. You will receive an email stating that you’ve been added to Daily Connect as a teacher. Select Set your password to set the password you will use to log in. 

  • You will only be prompted to set your password if the administrator did not already set one for you

  1. Enter your password then select Submit.

  1. Now that your password has been changed, select Login.

  1. You can now log into your Daily Connect teacher account using the email that the invitation was sent to and the password that you have set. Select Login. 

  1. Select the Teachers drop-down menu and choose your name from the list that appears. Select Sign in.

This will ensure that all entries you make will be saved from the correct teacher profile. 

For more information on teacher accounts and features available to you, go to the How To Videos at the bottom of the Settings page or watch these video tutorials.