After logging into your account, you have the option to change or set your: 

  • email

  • phone number

  • password 

These login details ensure that all communication and notifications are sent to the right email address or phone. The unique password allows you to log in and out of your parent account. 

Follow the instructions below to view or change your account details on the Daily Connect mobile app.

  1. Go to Menu Settings Account Info.


  1. Your Email, Password, Name, Phone and Phone List will be displayed.


Select the field you would like to edit, enter the new information, then choose Save.


  1. To add your phone number, select <tap to set> then enter the phone number. 

  1. To add a profile photo, select the camera icon, then take or upload a photo or video. 

To change your existing profile photo, select the current photo, then take or upload a photo or video.