A Legacy subscription is a Premium, Professional, or Enterprise subscription plan. It is not possible to subscribe to those plans anymore, they are not available for new users. Existing users who already have a legacy Premium, Professional or Enterprise subscription can continue using the app with their existing subscription and are not required to change plan.

A Legacy subscription plan has a fixed price for childcare centers regardless of the number of children. With this plan, parents need to buy a $4.99 USD in-app purchase extension (one-time fee) if they want to use the mobile application. They can use the web application at https://www.dailyconnect.com for free. 


A Premium+ subscription plan is designed for small family daycares with only one teacher and one room. It is easy to set up and manage. 

A Professional+ plan is designed for childcare centers with several teachers and classrooms (and potentially several locations). 

A Premium+ and Professional+ subscription starts at $1.4 USD per child per month. With those plans, the mobile application is free for the childcare staff and the children's families (no in-app purchase is needed).

In addition to the free app for parents, here are some features only available to Premium+ or Professional+ plans:

How to switch from a legacy plan to a Premium+ or Professional+ plan:

You can do it in Settings > Billing/Subscription plan 

How to switch from a Premium or Premium+ to a Professional+ plan:

Contact us at support@dailyconnect.com.