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Adding other caregivers or emergency contact to the child

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 at 01:40 PM

When inviting a new user to a child profile, you need to specify the relationship that the new person have to this child. Each relationship has a default set of permission, but you still have the option to change the permission for a specific person. 

The 5 relationships and their default permission are:

  • Parent (all permissions)
  • Extended Family Member (can view child information and receive daily emails, Cannot edit child profile, is emergency contact, is authorized for pickup).
  • Nanny / Sitter (can view child information and receive daily emails, Cannot edit child profile, is emergency contact, is authorized for pickup).
  • Authorized Pickup (is emergency contact and is authorized for pick-up)
  • Emergency Contact (no permission except being Emergency Contact)

Permissions provide specific privileges in the application:

  • Can view child information, including daily emails: the person can view all entries saved on the child profile and will receive the daily summary email. This person can also save entries via the application.
  • Can edit child profile and invite new parents/caregivers: the person can change the child's name, birthday, allergies, and add/remove new persons to access the child profile.   
  • Is authorized for pick-up / sign-in: Can save sign-in/sign-out entries. If this permission is not enabled, this person cannot use the sign-in kiosk or save sign-in/sign-out entries. If the sign-in kiosk pin-code option is enabled, a person which is not authorized for pickup will not receive a pin code.
  • Is emergency contact: This permission is only an indication for the staff, it doesn't give any special privilege in the application.

For instance, a person that only has the 'authorized pick-up' permission will not be able to view or save any information about the child, but they'll be able to sign-in and sign-out the child via the application. This configuration can be used for carpool situations where a friend/neighbor is allowed to pick up a child but cannot see any private information saved on the child's profile.

To add a new person to the system, first log in to the web application using www.dailyconnect.com. Next, navigate to the children tab and select the child you wish to add the person to. Then, click on the "Parents and Other" tab and proceed to add the person.

Select the type of relations and permission.

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