Daily Connect supports several learning frameworks for the 'Observation' and 'Lesson' features.

For each framework, we support 0-5 years of age ranges (Infant, Toddler, and Preschool). Here is the list of learning frameworks and state standards currently supported in Daily Connect:

  • Arizona Early Learning Standards

  • Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards

  • California DRDP

  • Colorado Early Learning & Development Guidelines

  • Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards

  • Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

  • Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards

  • Iowa Early Learning Standards

  • Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

  • Illinois Early Learning Guidelines

  • Indiana Early Learning Foundations Guidance

  • Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards

  • Louisiana’s Early Learning & Development Standards

  • Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines

  • Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines

  • Maryland Early Learning Standards

  • Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards (ECIP)

  • Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality

  • Missouri Early Learning Goals

  • North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development

  • North Dakota Early Learning Standards

  • Nebraska's Learning and Development Standards

  • New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards

  • New York State Early Learning Guidelines

  • Ohio’s Early Learning & Development Standards

  • Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines

  • Oregon Early Learning Standards

  • Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood

  • Rhode Island Early Learning & Development Standards

  • Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards

  • Texas Early Learning Guidelines

  • Vermont Early Learning Standards

  • Virginia's Milestones of Child Development

  • Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

  • Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework (Flight)

  • Australia Early Years Learning Framework

  • Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework

  • UK Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) - Development Matters

  • UK Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) - Birth to 5 Matters

  • Scotland Shanarri Wellbeing Indicators

  • Scotland Curriculum for Excellence - Early Level

  • Malta Early Years Learning Outcome Framework


We're adding new state standards and learning framework regularly. Please email us at support@dailyconnect.com if your state is not on the list or if you need a different learning framework.

Check this article on how to set up the learning framework, state standards, or custom framework for your classrooms.

State Standards and Learning Frameworks are available to Professional+ subscriptions.