Assessment reports can be accessed on the web application, in Settings > ChildCare Settings > Assessment Reports.

This report allows teachers to quickly identify which skills have not been assessed yet for children in the classroom. It also allows teachers to quickly see which child hasn't mastered a required skill and needs a specific development plan. Clicking on a child's name will open the individual assessment report for the child.

The selection of the classroom, and the selection of the learning's domain is done at the top section of the report. 

Below this section, each column is a skill / indicator / goal / ... (terminology varies based on the learning framework) of the selected domain, each row is a child in the classroom.

If the learning framework allows it, it is also possible to filter the skills by age via the Age filter dropdown at the top left of the chart.

Each child-skill box is showing two types of information:

  • The color indicates how well the skill is mastered. Dark colors indicate that the skill is mastered, light colors indicate that the skill is not acquired yet. The legend at the bottom of the graph shows which color corresponds to which assessment value. The number of assessment levels and their description can be customized to fit organizations' needs and learning standards.
    The chart either uses the assessment from the most recent corresponding observation, or the manual assessment set on the child's individual assessment report.

  • The number indicates the number of observations for the selected skill. No number is shown if no observation has been saved. 

A tooltip is shown when moving the mouse over each box, indicating the date of the last assessment and the label of the assessment (matching the color of the box).

Assessment/Observation reports are available to Premium+ and Professional+ subscriptions.