Daily Connect can be used for staff to clock-in and clock-out. 

Teacher names must first be created in the Settings > Childcare Settings > Teachers page on the web application (available to Professional and Professional+ subscriptions).

Staff can either sign-in directly via the application, or via the sign-in kiosk with pin code or touchless sign-in.

via the application

To sign in a classroom, staff need to select their name via the staff drop-down at the top right of the screen (on iPad/tablet), or in the Settings > Account Info page on phone devices.

Sign-out, or classroom change, is done by unchecking the teacher's name from the staff drop-down.

On the web application, staff can also select their name via the drop-down at the right of the page, then click on the 'sign in' link, or 'sign out' link to sign out.

The sign-in / out can only be done on a device logged with a classroom account. It cannot be done when logged with a teacher account. The time of the sign-in or sign-out cannot be modified by the teachers, it can only be modified by an administrator in the attendance report. 

Pin code or touchless Sign-in

When using the sign-in kiosk, staff can also sign-in/out with a pin code or with the touchless sign-in option. The option 'Pin Code sign-in for teachers' must be activated in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Sign-in Kiosk page. 

The list of pin codes for each teacher is accessible in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Teachers page. 

If they're logged in the application with their personal teacher account, teachers can also use touchless sign-in by tapping on the Sign-in/out button on the app home page, then on the 'Display QR Code for the sign-in kiosk' button (not available when logged with a classroom account).

Attendance Reports

All sign-in and sign-out information from teachers can be shown on the attendance reports. The Real-time daily attendance graphs will show the sign-in time for each teacher, which teacher and how many teachers are in each classroom.

The Daily / Weekly / Monthly attendance report, accessible in the Settings > Childcare Settings > Attendance Reports page shows information for teachers after selecting '-- Teachers --' on the Room dropdown. From this page, click on the teacher's name to access the individual report for a teacher. 

It is possible to edit the times on an individual attendance report for a teacher, and to add missing sign-in/out times.

Check the attendance reports article for more information about attendance reports.


Check this tutorial video about setting up teacher accounts:

Staff sign-in is available to Professional and Professional+ subscriptions. Touchless sign-in is available to Professional+ subscription.