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Daily Summary emails sent to parents

Modified on Tue, 21 Jul 2020 at 06:09 PM

Emails are sent to parents each day with detailed information on everything that happened during the day.

The daily summary email includes all information that was saved during the day with a summary for some categories (sleep, feeding, diaper, ...). In addition, needed items and upcoming events are shown at the top of the email. All photos and documents are included in the mail.

No daily email is sent if there was no entry saved during the day.

Options for the daily summary email are set up in the Settings > ChildCare Settings > Summary Email page on the web application

The daily email can be sent at a specific time during the day, or as soon as a sign-out entry is saved. If choosing the option 'When a Sign Out entry is saved', no daily summary is sent if no sign-out entry was saved at the end of the day. Checking the 'Automatically sign out all children at hh:mm if they are not already out' option is recommended, so the daily email is always sent even when the sign-out entry was forgotten. This option can be set in the Sign-in Kiosk page.

For organizations who don't record sign-in and sign-out, it is recommended to send the daily email at a fixed time each day.

Clicking on the 'View list of sent emails' link on this page will list all sent emails with their time. The list doesn't show the content of the email, but it is helpful to troubleshoot email deliverability issues.

Several causes might explain why a parent is not receiving the daily email:

  • Emails are placed in the spam/junk folder: If the email is listed as being sent in the 'view list of sent emails' page, then the email probably arrived in the spam/junk folder of the parent's mail application. Parents should add the email sender (noreply@dailyconnect.com) to their safe contact list

  • Parent unsubscribed: Parents can unsubscribe from the daily email by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email. They can re-subscribe by checking the option 'Send me automatic emails from <name>' in their Settings > Your account page.

  • No signout entry has been saved: No sign-out entry has been saved for the day and emails are set to be sent when a signout entry is saved.

  • Incorrect email address: If the email is listed as being sent but the parent hasn't received it, and the mail is not in their spam folder, then the parent email address might be incorrect.

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