Daily email summaries can be sent to parents and administrators with detailed updates. They include all information saved during the day, needed items for the next day, upcoming events, and all photos and documents relating to entries logged on a child’s entry log.

Follow the instructions below to set up daily parent emails

  1. Go to Settings > Childcare Settings > Summary Emails.

  1. Indicate whether the summary should be sent whenever a sign-out entry is saved or each day at a specific time. 

  1. Select whether the email should be sent to parents and family only or all caregivers.

  1. Choose whether the emails should be ordered first to last or last to first.

  1. You can also select Add a custom message to the email to add a message. 

  1. Select Save.

To enable Administrator emails, go to Settings > Childcare Settings > Administrator Emails to enable Administrator emails

NOTE: A parent may not receive the summary email if:

  • The email was sent to an incorrect email address

  • Emails are configured to be sent whenever a sign-out entry was saved, but the child was not signed-out

  • The parent unsubscribed from receiving emails

To confirm whether an email was sent to a parent, go to Settings > Childcare Settings > Summary Emails > View list of sent emails

For more information on using Daily Connect as an Administrator, please view the following video.

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