After registering a Daily Connect account for your care facility  and adding administrators, you can now create profiles for  children attending your facility. 

Children will be directly linked to parents, allowing parents to monitor from afar through their own parent accounts. 

Follow the instructions below to add a child profile

  1. On the Daily Connect web app, go to Settings > Childcare Settings > Children.

  • The Add Child option is also available on the Parents and Children pages.

  1. Select Add Child or select New child name.

  1. Enter the child's details, i.e. Photo, Name, Gender, Birthday, Blood Type, Allergies, and Notes.

  1. Then, select the classroom that the child will be enrolled in.

  1. Select Add parent/caregiver to add their name and email.

  1. Check the Send an invitation to join Daily Connect box to immediately send an invitation to the new parent / caregiver.  

Other key features to understand:

  • If the option Send an invitation to join Daily Connect is not checked, no invitation email is sent. A green Invite button will appear next to the parent or caregiver’s name on the Parents page.  

  • This helps when setting up the system, allowing the administrator to create profiles for all children, enter the email address of all parents and send the invitations at a later stage. 

  1. Select Add Contact to enter the parent/caregiver’s name and phone number.

  1. Select Save.

For more information on registering children, select the video icon on the Children page or watch this video tutorial.

For more information on using Daily Connect as an Administrator, please view the following video.

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