Administrators can add parent profiles, allowing parents to get direct communication about their child's activities, assessments, and entries about their day logged by teachers. 

It also allows teachers to communicate with parents if needed. And parent profiles have contact details that enable other features such as summary emails and attendance reports.

Follow the instructions below to add parent profiles using the mobile app.

  1. On the Daily Connect mobile app, go to Menu Your Children. 

 Or go to Menu Settings Children profiles.

  1. Select the classroom in which the child is enrolled.

  1. Tap the child’s name.

  1. Tap Add Parent / Caregiver. 

  1.  Enter the new parent/caregiver’s email address.


  1. Then check the Send an invitation to join Daily Connect box.

  • By checking this box, you’ve directly sent the parent a link, as well as an invitation code to the Daily connect registration webpage.

  1. Select Save Once you’ve entered the new parents/caregiver’s email. 

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