After registering an account for your Childcare center, you can then add administrators to your account. Administrators have the highest level of access of all users. There are different types (roles) of administrators, with each having its special privileges. 

Follow the instructions below to add an administrator on the web app

  1. Go to Settings Childcare Settings Administrators on the Daily Connect web app.


2. Select Add Administrator.

3. Enter the administrator’s email address and role. 

There are four types of administrator roles:

 A Subscription Administrator (owner) can create new childcare centers, has administrator privileges for all centers, has finance administrator and education administrator privileges.

A Childcare Administrator (director) can change childcare settings, add classrooms, teachers, and children, and has access to all rooms and children in the childcare.,

A Finance Administrator (accounting) can view attendance reports, cancel/upgrade subscriptions, can change payment information, and receive monthly invoices.

An Education Administrator can view all children's information in all locations and create lesson plans for all locations.

4. Lastly, select save.

5. The administrator's name, email, and role will now be listed on the Administrators page.

For more information on using Daily Connect as an Administrator, please view the following video.