After registering an account for your Childcare center and adding administrators and rooms, add teachers to your account. Teachers are the staff members who will save various events, e.g., bottles, activities, milestones, and lessons, with the application. 

This article will show you how to add information about the teachers and staff members who save events with the application.  

Follow the instructions below to add a teacher to Daily Connect.

  1. Go to Settings Childcare Settings Teachers Add Teacher

  1. Next, upload a photo, enter the teacher's name and select the rooms to which the teacher will be assigned.

A personal teacher account allows teachers to log in with a private email address and password on their own devices. Teachers with a classroom account have to log in with the classroom account's credentials on a classroom device.

  1. To set up a personal teacher account, check the Use a personal teacher account box. Then, enter the account email.

  1. If the teacher's email is not already used, you will be prompted to add a password. Add a password or leave the field blank and Daily Connect will email the teacher to set up the account password.

  1. Select Save

Select the video icon on the Teachers page or watch this video tutorial for more information on creating teacher accounts.

For more information on using Daily Connect as an Administrator, please view the following video.