Daily Connect’s survey feature allows you to pose questions to staff members, parents, and prospects and collect responses from parents and staff in large numbers and regarding important matters. 

Sign-in surveys are questions asked each morning to parents when they sign in their child or teachers via the application. On and Off Surveys are 'one-off' surveys that can be sent to parents, prospects, and teachers via email and a notification on their app.

Follow the steps below to set up sign-in surveys:

  1. Go to Settings Childcare Settings > Surveys on the Daily Connect web app.

  1. Select View and edit Sign-in Parent Survey.

  • If you are editing a survey that is already live, select Edit Survey.

  1. Enter a survey title. 

  1. Enter survey questions and choose a response type.

  1. You can also do the following by checking the appropriate boxes:

  • Make a response to a specific question mandatory or optional

  • answer

  • Allow parents with multiple children to only fill in one survey answer for all children or respond to each question for each child.

  • Enable sign-in surveys for teachers

  1. After editing the survey, select Save. 

  1. Select Deploy Survey. 

Follow the steps below to create On and Off Surveys.

  1. Go to  Settings Childcare Settings > Surveys Create Survey

  1. Enter the Survey title, Category titles, Questions, and choose  Response Types. Then, select save. 

  1. Select Send Survey.

  1. Select who the survey should be sent to. i.e. Specific classroom devices, parents of children in specific classes, or specific emails. 


  1. Add a survey description, then select Send.

  1. To view survey results, go to the Surveys page and select View Results

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