All children assigned to your classrooms are linked to your teacher account. This allows you to keep track of all children in your classroom(s), update the information in their profiles, as well as update a child’s activity status. Keep track of children as they sign in and out of the facility, and change rooms. You will also make sure that you always have the most recent and up-to-date information about children in your classrooms. 

You can make these modifications from your web app or mobile app. 

Follow the instructions below to update or add information to a child’s account on the mobile app.

  1. To view the children in your classroom, go to Menu Your children.

  1. Select the classroom then the child's name to whose profile you would like to add additional information. 

  1. You can now update the child’s personal information. Select the field you would like to modify, then enter the new details.

  1. To change a child’s activity status, deselect Active to set the profile to inactive. 

A profile is considered Active if the child is enrolled at the facility, assigned to a classroom, and entries are regularly registered. Inactive profiles are hidden from your homepage. 

  1. To indicate a classroom change, tap the classrooms, then deselect the rooms to which the child no longer belongs. Select those that the child now belongs to.  Select OK. 

  1. To add a family member to the child’s profile, select Add parent/caregiver, enter their email address, then select Save.  

  • To send an invitation to the parent or caregiver, check the Send an invitation to join Daily Connect box. 

  1. Select the trash icon to remove a parent or caregiver from the contacts list.

  1. Select Save to save your changes. 

For more information on teacher accounts and the features available to you watch these video tutorials.