After logging into your account, you have the option to change or set your: 

  • email

  • phone number

  • password (if the administrator did not do so during the creation of your account)

These login details ensure that all communication and notifications are sent to the right email address or phone. The unique password allows you to log in and out of your teacher account. 

Follow the instructions below to enter or change your account details on the Daily Connect web app

  1. Go to Settings Your account.

  1. You will be redirected to your account page. Here you can view all your account details. Add your phone number to the Phone field if this has not already been filled in.

  1. Here, you can also add a password by entering it into the appropriate fields i.e. Password and Confirm Password. 

  1. To add a profile photo, select Upload photo

  1. Select Save to save your changes.

For more information on teacher profiles and features available to you, go to the How To Videos at the bottom of the Settings page or watch these video tutorials.